British School in the heart of Madrid

- A Catholic education for every child -



Mission Statement
St. Anne’s School is committed to providing quality education. We offer a wide range of learning opportunities to all our students in academic, social and cultural activities. We strive for success through:
  • Positive staff-student relationships.
  • A safe, happy and disciplined environment.
  • Examination success.
  • Strengthening partnerships with parents and the wider community.
  • The retention, recruitment and training of a committed staff.
  • The individual’s personal development.

Strategic aims
Achieve pupil, parent and staff satisfaction by:
  • Providing a wide range of learning opportunities which promote individual achievement for all.
  • The continuous development of staff, curriculum, resources and organisation.
  • Providing guidance and support for pupils in educational, vocational and personal matters.
  • Providing an environment in which pupils and staff feel secure and value each other as individuals.
  • Actively promoting the school as an asset to the wider community.
  • Recognising and publicising the achievements of our pupils.

Strategic Objectives
  • Raise the expectations and level of achievement of pupils.
  • Achieve and maintain intake of pupils into the school.
  • Further develop management systems which are efficient, effective and able to respond to the changing demands placed on the school.
  • Enhance the learning environment through a planned programme of curriculum development and updating of equipment throughout the school.

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