A British School in the Heart of Madrid

St. Anne
´s School - A British School in the heart of Madrid. 

A brief history and main characteristics of the school.
St. Anne’s School was established in1969 by Miss Margaret Jean Raines and is a co-educational independent school which provides a British education for children aged three to eighteen in Madrid. The school is located in Avenida Alfonso XIII, which is in Chamartín, one of the most attractive and prestigious  residential areas of Madrid, and is easily accessible from most of the city. There are currently almost four hundred pupils enrolled in St. Anne’s School, the majority of whom are Spanish.
St. Anne’s School is a British school that adheres to the broad aims for the school curriculum,  reflected in section 351 of the Education Act 1996, which requires that all maintained schools provide a balanced and broadly based curriculum that:
· promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and of society
· prepares pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.
The school aims to meet the requirements set out by the Department for Education and its predecessors the DCFS and DES.
The School provides a broad balanced curriculum based on the requirements of the British National Curriculum. In addition, as is required in International Schools, full attention and respect is given to the learning of the Spanish Language and Literature, Spanish Social Studies, traditions and culture, which is the essential heritage of the vast majority of our pupils.
St. Anne’s School uses methods of assessment associated with good practice in the United Kingdom, including Primary practice such as literacy and numeracy tests and teacher records of progress. Formal testing in the Secondary school includes IGCSE examinations and Cambridge English qualifications.
All teaching staff at St. Anne’s are qualified British teachers and all are British trained, the majority having teaching experience in the United Kingdom.
The school building, classrooms, laboratories  and sports facilities meet the requirements  of the National Curriculum and materials are regularly evaluated for their effectiveness and updated when necessary. All classrooms are accommodated with internet access, interactive whiteboards / Projectors and the necessary training in their use has been provided to all teachers and classroom assistants.
We take particular pride in our provision of learning materials and all pupils are equipped with the necessary stationery and practical equipment to aid their learning in a comfortable, safe and inspiring environment.
The management structure of the school follows the British model with a Principal, Head Teacher of Primary School, Head Teacher of Secondary school and subject and phase co-ordinators.
We welcome students of all religious denominations and pupils receive weekly classes in religious and moral education at all levels. The Department of Religious Education and Pastoral Care also offers preparation for the pupils’ First Holy Communion and Confirmation.
St. Anne’s also places huge importance on school musical and theatrical productions. We have annual musical recitals as well as poetry and curricular showcases to communicate our work to the parents and to give all our pupils the experience of performing in front of a large audience. Theatrical Musical productions are of utmost importance here in St. Anne’s School and we  have produced a number of shows including West Side Story, The Pyramids, The Beatles Show, Joseph, Around the World in Eighty Minutes, The Wizard of Oz, Grease and we are currently producing a version of Romeo and Juliet to celebrate our fiftieth anniversary.
St. Anne’s School is a long established and founder member of the National Association of British Schools in Spain ( NABSS) and is inspected by this body as well as by the Spanish Ministry of Education.
ST. ANNE´S SCHOOL, S.A.U, CIF A78527827 AVENIDA ALFONSO XIII, 162, 28016 MADRID Teléfono: 91 345 90 60 Fax: 91 345 36 68. Registro Mercantil de Madrid, Tomo 2630, Libro 0, Folio 29 Sección 8, Hoja M-45679, Inscripción 10 AVISO LEGAL  - POLÍTICA DE PRIVACIDAD
During Years 10 and 11, pupils prepare to take I.G.C.S.E.  (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) examinations. These
qualifications serve to validate their studies with the Spanish Ministry of Education, to enable them to continue their studies in the Spanish system
(Bachillerato). St. Anne’s is an official examination centre.

During their final two years of education at St. Anne’s School, our pupils adhere to the requirements of the Spanish Bachillerato programme of
studies and preparation for the university entrance examinations (PAU). In addition, special emphasis continues to be given to English, with
preparation for the University of Cambridge Advanced and Proficiency examinations and for the Cambridge Business English examinations at Vantage
and Higher levels.

Pupils can participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities.
 Dance (Classical ballet)
 Drama
 Music (Piano, Guitar and Drums)
 Art
 Singing
 Chess
 Languages (French, German, Chinese)
 Sports (Judo, Fencing and Football)

During their time at St. Anne’s School, pupils are offered the opportunity to obtain qualifications from internationally recognised educational
institutions, which include:
I.G.C.S.E. from University of Cambridge International Examinations and from London Edexel.
English as a First Language, English as a Second Language, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, English Literature, French, Spanish as a First
Language, Spanish as a Second Language Art, History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Religious Education, Physical Education,  Information
University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations
First Certificate in English, Certificate in Advanced English and Certificate of Proficiency in English 
University of Cambridge Business Certificates. (Vantage and Higher)
Diplôme Elémentaire de Langue Française (DELF)
L.O.M.C.E.  P.A.U.
Early Years
Foundation Stage
1º de Educ. Infantil
2º de Educ. Infantíl
Key Stage 1 Year 1
Year 2
2º de Educ. Infantil
1º de Primaria
Key Stage 2 Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6
2º de Primaria
3º de Primaria
4º de Primaria
5º de Primaria
  Key Stage 3 Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
6º de Primaria
1º ESO
2º ESO
  Key Stage 4 Year 10
Year 11
3º ESO
4º ESO
Key Stage 5 Year 12
Year 13
1º Bachillerato
2º Bachillerato