Bachillerato (Years 12-13)

During their two years in Bachillerato, our students focus on the subjects which they have chosen with a view to their future university choices and the career path they have in mind.

We strive to enable our students to get outstanding grades and go on to top universities, in U.K., Spain or anywhere in the world, as the successes of our past pupils show.

We also aim to help our students develop the skills they will need in the world of the future, where qualities such as empathy, creativity, team-work and a critical spirit will be especially prized.

We do this by making sure all students are valued and given strong individual support, including

● A strong team of dedicated and specialised teachers
● Regular meetings with tutors for individual guidance
● Small class sizes
● Preparation for Cambridge Proficiency and IELTS
● Personalised university and careers guidance, to inform students of the opportunities open to them and to give them the tools necessary to make the right decisions for their professional future.