Educational Stages

St. Anne’s School uses methods of assessment associated with good practice in the United Kingdom, including Primary practice such as literacy and numeracy tests and teacher records of progress.

Early Years

In our Early Years classes, our dedicated team of British-trained teachers ensure each child’s gradual immersion in English, allowing them to develop their language skills at their own pace.

We cater for the individual needs of each child, developing their social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills and providing a creative, stimulating, fun and safe learning environment, where learning through discovery and games is encouraged and facilitated.


The caring atmosphere in our Primary School ensures that children develop enthusiasm, curiosity and a confident approach to learning that help them grow as individuals.

The curriculum, based on the British National Curriculum, is engaging, challenging and thought provoking, allowing scope for children to achieve their full potential.

We place great emphasis on the pupils’ personal development and offer pastoral care of the highest quality, with the partnership between staff and parents recognised as playing a key role in each child’s learning development.


Our British-based curriculum gives emphasis to academic, social, aesthetic, moral and physical development, so that pupils are enabled to grow in self-confidence throughout their years in Secondary.

Our dedicated team of British-trained, subject-specialist teachers provide a supportive and caring learning environment and strive to motivate pupils to achieve the highest of academic standards and inspire them to become tolerant, confident and successful adults.


Our Sixth Form department follows the Spanish Bachillerato programme, with continued emphasis on English, and embraces a friendly, informal and adult approach to learning to encourage independent thinking, discipline and high expectations.

Pupils receive one-to-one academic guidance and personalised support with college applications to ensure they attain places at the top universities of their choice, in Spain, Britain or around the world.