Early Years

Early Years and Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception classes)

Welcome to St. Anne’s School, where we aim to give your child the best possible start in life from the moment they first enter Early Years. We wholeheartedly invite you and your child to our stimulating learning environment; a happy family with a long tradition of excellence shaping the students and citizens of the future.
  • We want children to feel safe and happy, have fun and enjoy learning, knowing that they feel cared for.
  • Pupils are immersed in English from the moment they enter St. Anne’s School; it is the vehicle for their learning.
  • Children develop their confidence and abilities with our expert staff through creative, imaginative, physical and academic activities, nurturing their social and emotional intelligence.
  • We make a special effort to ensure that children feel at home and adapt to school life as easily as possible, while encouraging autonomy and independence to empower their development.
  • We encourage a positive attitude to study which will benefit each child throughout their academic careers and beyond.
  • Our caring and knowledgeable teachers are sensitive to the needs of each different child, modelling and promoting positive relationships and attitudes. We strive to do our best for your child to instil effective learning and fulfil our students’ potential.
By the end of their two years in our Nursery and Reception classes, children have formed strong bonds with their peers, a strong awareness of their potential and a desire and excitement to learn further. Our pupils leave Early Years starting to read, write, add and subtract in preparation for progressing to Primary in Year 1.

Early Years at St. Anne’s School is a safe and caring environment where your child’s enquiring mind can flourish with our expert team and develop their love for learning.

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